Friday, August 26, 2011

Standing for the first time (August 23rd)

This was the first time standing after the second hip.  It wasn't nearly as painful as the first one.  There was way less pain in the groin area and moving the leg side to side was so much more painful last time.  When you straighten the leg the first time, the stiffness in the hammy is probably the most notable.   There is really no pain deep down in the joint.  You would think that after all that carving, grinding, and hammering on bone, that there would be some bone pain, but there really isn't.  Also on this event, the catheter removal was much easier and less painful, the gut issues were way better, everything seemed easier. 


  1. Right on! You will be back on your Nishiki in no time!

  2. It's party time! Wow, glad you're okay now! Congratulations.
    You look so awful with your pictures back then. I also saw your picture that one with long stitches. But in case you feel different sensations just go directly to your doctor. I've heard a lot of patients filed DePuy Pinnacle lawsuits because of complications.

  3. Dear Blogger: THANK YOU so much for this blog. I have read it from start to finish twice now. It has been the single BEST source of information I have come across on FAI. Even passing comments about how you wish you could sit at a picnic table without pain, and that running was a forgotten sport, hit a chord. I am going through the same thing.

    I have been hit with the news that I too have FAI (I am 47) and surgery is in my very near future. Your website resonated with me. I live in Seattle and have been seen by Dr. Pritchett. He indicated I was a high qualified candidate for resurfacing (that has been the first good news in months).

    If you get this post, I was hoping you wouldn't mind emailing me at
    I wanted to see if you had any regrets, would have done anything differently, and to see how you are doing almost two full years after your surgery.