Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Swelling no. 2

Sorry that these photos aren't quite as exciting as the suture photo.  When you sit around the house all day, you get a little bored.  This is a photo of my feet at day 8 post-op.  It's not horribly obvious, but the left side of my left foot has now received some swelling.  I guess it takes a few days for stuff to sink down to the foot.

A general update - I'm down to about 6 x 500 mg of acetaminophen per day.  Yesterday I had a major charlie horse in my lower quad for about a day which reduced my motivation on the exercises.  I should have massaged the quad and really iced it up, maybe even stayed a little heavier on the meds.  At about day 6 post-op I was able to sleep on my side with pillows between my legs.  I'm up to about 8 hours of sleep a night broken into 2 hour to 3 hour segments.   Very nice.

A couple days ago, I made the mistake of falling asleep while laying on my stomach.  My wife had just changed the dressing.  I generally sleep on my stomach and since it had been over a week since I laid in that position, I fell asleep.  It was very comfortable.  The problem came when I woke 3 hours later and could not roll over on my own.  I was like a turtle, but the opposite.  For those of you planning to do a bi-lateral surgery, you might think twice about it.

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  1. Might think twice about what? Bilateral procedure or falling asleep on one's stomach? And don't even get me started on swelling appendages.