Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A tool of the trade

No, not a bone saw, or scalpel,...a raised toilet seat!  This is the best invention ever.  I never thought I would ever need one of these and even when the pre-op nurse discussed prepping the house, I sort of ignored it.  I was thinking I could get away with sitting at the regular level.  Doctor's orders - "Do not bend more than 90 degrees at the hip!"  They scare they hell out you, as if you might dislocate the new hip and botch the whole deal in one minor mistake.   I wasn't going to push it, best not to go acute, stay obtuse. 

The toilet is light and can be used as a walker to get around in the bathroom.  You can put it in the tub and take a cat bath and the toilet gets cleaned at the same time.  See what I mean, a sweet invention.   


  1. So are you planning on installing that thing in the first floor men's room??? It might be easier just setting it up over your waste basket in your cube. Just remember that we got to empty our own at that place. Your call.

  2. And how is the splashback? I think Stine is right with the idea of going dry.