Monday, February 28, 2011

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

I just found this while checking in with my fellow Hippies (  This is what is in my hip.  These guys have been making this implant for 10 years or more and they have the lion's share of the market.  The parent company (Smith&Nephew) have been around since 1856 and they are the largest ortho prosthesis maker in the world.  The designers of the BHR (Treacy and McMinn) are in Birmingham, England, thus the name Birmingham.  Some of the other metal-on-metal prostheses are the Wright Medical Conserve Plus, ASR Resurfacing, Cormet by Biomet, Duron by Zimmer, and there are probably a few others out there, that I don't know of.    


  1. I think while you're recuperating you should begin a novel or maybe a screenplay; you're a great writer, Bryn! Instead of having everyone sign your binder though, I think you should go for getting their John Hancock's on the thigh and buttocks like the surgeon did. Then you could photograph it and put the picture in your binder. Better yet, frame it and hang it over the fireplace mantle. Of course a small version attached by magnet to the breakroom fridge would be awesome. glad to hear you are 99.9% better and will see you when you are ready to give 110%!!

  2. Maybe next year's Christmas card?!