Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flowers from Sandy

I received a nice bouquet of flowers from Sandy.  This was after she watched me reel in pain from the first PT session.  It was about 12 hours after the tied the last suture.  Miss Ratchet came in and removed the wedge between my legs and let the operated leg drop over a little to the side, frogleg style and I wasn't ready for that.  It felt like someone stitched my appendix to my left leg meniscus.  "Feel the stretch"  It was a strange sensation, it was sort of painful but even more deep.  I think the hip capsule was getting stretched a little more than it needed to.  I reeled around in the bed for awhile and then stared shaking again, like I was coming out of anesthesia.  The poor PT (her name was actually Hillary and she was very nice) didn't get very far.  She got some warm blankets and that made me stop shaking and then I started crying like a baby.  I think it was a mix of pain and drugs, but mostly pent up emotion about the whole event.  I just needed a catalyst.  I'd say a little hip capsule stretching and uncontrollable shaking worked.

So, the whole time, Sandy was feeling a little woozy and had to sit down, thinking she might pass out from watching me reel around like that.  Hillary said she'd come back later.  She did and then Sandy promptly went for a walk and stopped to get me some flowers.  The second session was no where near as bad.     

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