Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ferry ride to Seattle

Here is my beautiful wife next to me on the ferry ride from Bremerton to Seattle.  I don't know if I could have done this without her.  The ferry ride was quite nice.  Reminded me of my youth when visiting my grandparents in Seattle.  There was a point waiting in line for the ferry when I was super anxious and got myself all keyed.  I looked over at a gangway at the dock that was part of the State Park system and there was a sign designating the park name and so forth, which was a Washington State Park, which, reminded me of my youth, because the grandparents would take us to Discovery Park in Seattle a lot.  Long story short, I had a very calm feeling come over me and no matter how much I tried to get anxious, I couldn't.  Maybe my body gave up and just said, "rollover dude!"

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