Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Here is my binder or 3-ring notebook with all the pertinent info I gathered over the year.  I think I was missing a couple papers about the difference between the Wright Conserve and the Birmingham implants, but I had a lot of details about FAI and one of my favorites, which is a summary of a 20-year study on hip resurfacing co-authored by my surgeon, James Pritchett.  Much of the other info that I did not have in the binder, was gained through participation in the Hip Talk Forum and general info on Surface Hippy.  As the surgery approached, my interest in clinical and technical info about hip resurfacing was balanced with more of the softer side about hip resurfacing.  The stories that were presented on the forum, as well as the support and encouragement from everyone was extremely helpful. 

This photo shows the binder with one or two signatures from staff at the hospital.  My friend Geoff suggested that I get the geeky notebook signed by all the staff that helped me, akin to a getting your cast signed.  I even got a signature from the room cleaner.  She was Laotian and I think she told me about the communist government and oppression at home in the 80s and why she came here, but I wasn't quite sure because I didn't really understand her.  Needless to say, I ended up with a signature from pretty much everyone, even the nice nurse that yanked the catheter out of my hoozit.  "Is this gonna hurt", I asked.  She replied, "take a deep breath".  You know its not gonna be so good when they tell you take a deep breath.  "Now exhale".

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