Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good luck kiss from a Dane

A Great Dane, that is.  I said I was going to Swedish, didn't I?   Actually I don't think many Scandinavians work at Swedish.

This is Sandy's friend's dog.  She has 2 great danes.  This is Jagger, and I think he is the biggest dog I have ever met.  This was in Bremerton where we spent the night before admission to the hospital.  Sandy's friend Sam, had 2 Great Danes and they had a very calming effect on me.  We went out to dinner at a brewpub in Silverdale next to Bremerton with Sam and her boyfriend, Phil.  It was great to get out and have some distraction from the anxiety.  However, on the next hip, I'll try not to drink the high test IPAs prior to surgery.  Sadly, since I had an afternoon surgery, I easily persuaded myself to drink more than less that night.  I knew if I got up at 6:30 am, I could guzzle a gallon of water and be good to go for the day.  Hey, they said I could eat and drink up to 8 hours prior to surgery.  I was acting like it was just another day in the field working with the drillers.  Mentally, that may have been good, but physically, it wore me down ahead of being quartered.  Not good.

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